The Education Industry has blossomed over the past two decades opening doors to students willing to study abroad. The enhanced focus on global education reduces all barriers and as a result there are no limitations regarding which part of the world students wish to study in. With adequate support and financial aid available to students, overseas education is no longer only for the wealthy.

Countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand etc. welcome bright international students from all over the world with great enthusiasm. Most students go overseas for graduate and post – graduate studies. Here’s where we step in and help you identify the right University/College that will help you achieve your academic goals. Wikati Education is tied up with some of the best global universities/colleges and as such help students to get in colleges they want to study in.

How Wikati Education can help you


Wikati Education is a UK based company which is a subsidiary of EThames Graduate School, UK. We have a network of partners around the world with our offices in London, India i.e. in Hyderabad and Goa, Nigeria, Vietnam and Thailand. Our counsellors have years of experience and use their rich knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed decision about your future and place you in a wide range of leading institutions in different parts of the world.


In the past seven years we have recruited over 12,500 students and their success is a proof to the quality services we offer. We show you the real picture and offer genuine advice to ensure you have a memorable and successful educational experience. Based on your profile our expert consultants make recommendations to you as to which country / University would best fit your career goals.


Wikati Education has a vast network of partner institutions spread all over the world built with years of conviction. We have a very strong alumni base with many holding leading positions in some of the finest corporates worldwide while some making the mark in the business world. We are also well connected and enjoy healthy relations with High Commissions, Embassies and other institutions involved in delivering quality services in the Education Industry that is a matter of pride to us.


We provide complete guidance and assistance on each and every aspect involved in the study abroad process as a total solution to your needs. We assist you with:

  • Career pathway planning Visa application Identifying loan or scholarship opportunities Accommodation search Pre-departure briefing
  • Country/University/Course selection
  • Admission application
We render all of these services free of cost; hence call us today and get a step closer to the bright future that awaits you!

While studying abroad fascinates most students actually taking the leap is a long drawn out process full of technicalities that can get overwhelming. With so many options available to study abroad, one of the hardest tasks involves finding the right university in the right country that best fits your academic goals. This choice is life-changing and therefore you need to ensure you choose wisely.

Wikati Education helps you carve out the best option from a vast portfolio of our partner university/colleges that provide you with opportunities for global education. We have a track record of helping thousands of aspiring students like you; choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across the world. After understanding and assessing your needs we at Wikati Education offer you unbiased advice and guidance that simplifies your admission process.

To understand the study abroad admission process we’ve put together
6 steps leading to a successful future:

With the wealth of knowledge and experience our counsellors save you time and money and map you to the right University/College after carefully understanding your profile. We guide you through each of the following stages, maximising your chances of getting admission in the institution you choose.


To ensure we give you the best advice we would first like to know more about your preferences through a tête-à-tête. Here we explore your thoughts about what you want study, the university or college you’d like to attend, and the country that suits your lifestyle and budget.


Towards this, we will assign a highly professional admission counsellor who will be a guide, interpreter and facilitator throughout the selection and application process. Our education counsellor will guide you to a University/College with the best course to help excel your career in the best location that addresses your aspirations and goals.


Progressing to this stage our education counsellor will scrutinise all the requisite documents and review any test scores that universities will be looking for and provide you with detailed information and work with you in getting your application ready, that will maximize your chances of getting accepted.


Through the vast knowledge and experience gained over the years the Wikati education counsellor will groom you for the University interview and will provide you with a number of interview preparatory sessions. We have our professional team step in at this stage that will not only use their expertise but are also well versed with the nature and scope of questions that universities usually ask their prospective students.


After securing your place at the University our visa counselling services are geared towards getting you armored for the visa interview to avoid any inadvertent delay or rejection. We provide comprehensive advice relating to the collation of relevant documentation that requires submission together with the application form. Our Visa consultant will also guide you through the key aspects of any interview with the High Commission and Embassy.


Wikati Education also offers pre-departure informative sessions to help you get ready and arrive to your new country. We don’t just stop there – we provide ongoing support to our students after arrival. You can contact our education counsellors in case you want to change your course or need guidance of any sort.

Wikati Education provides a package of value added services to make sure our students have a seamless experience. Apart from the guidance rendered by our counsellor’s at each and every stage of applying and securing admission; we provide a whole other range of services extending from pre-departure briefings to helping you secure accommodation. Wikati Education takes great pride in saying that we keep students at the heart of what we do and hence you can expect nothing but the best.


Prior to departure we brief the students on a wide range of topics that will give the students a real feel of the country that they are moving to. The intent behind doing so is to ensure that the students find it easy to adapt in a new place and environment. We provide our students with critical information that will serve as guideposts to help them settle independently while we are just a call away.

We also educate our students about the fundamental laws and procedures they need to be aware of that will help them have a pleasant stay in the country they are studying in. We keep in touch with our alumni and gather their feedback and utilise the information to guide our students further.


Wikati Education prioritises the safety and comfort of our students as such we provide all relevant information about student accommodation both on campus and private. In case of private accommodation we advise our students which locality in the new town would be safe and offer smooth commute to and fro. We also pass on all the relevant information regarding the halls of residence on campus that will help students to make an informed choice.


Each country has its own travel and medical insurance norms with respect to international students which needs due attention. We strongly advise our students to subscribe for medical insurance services before they depart and contact our counsellors for further information on the same. We also brief our students about any schemes and discounts available to them as per the country they will be moving to.


We do understand the importance of having an active sim card especially when you are miles away from home. Cheap and efficient communication has brought the world much closer than before. Keeping in mind you are on a budget, we offer solutions that are both affordable and efficient on arrival and after.

The next crucial step after securing your university/college admission is applying for your visa. Sometimes, this can be the most daunting aspect of your study abroad preparation. Hence, we render adequate support and guidance during this stage.

The professional team at Wikati Education stays abreast with the latest developments, rules and regulations that are laid down by the Embassies and High Commissions and thus are able to offer you with accurate overseas study visa information and ensure a seamless experience while going through the visa application process.

We offer genuine advice and guidance to maximize your chances of attaining the study abroad visa with minimal hassle and stress. Our study abroad visa consultants break down the process for you into three stages and guide you through each of them:

  • Preparing and submitting the visa application as per the norms prescribed
  • Putting your relevant documentation together including the financial aspect
  • Preparing for any interview that you may have with the Embassy or High Commission

You can benefit from the comprehensive package of advice that is designed to avoid any obstacles or delays in your study abroad plan. Our consultants will carefully scrutinise each of your documents before submitting them. We have put together a checklist for you that will ensure you do not skip out on any important step that could jeopardise your chances of securing the visa.

We have customised our services based on the requirements of the country you will be applying to.

If you are applying to the US, the Visa you need would be the F-1 visa that is the academic student visa that allows you to study at any of the accredited universities and colleges in the US. Here, on receipt of the I-20, that confirms you have been accepted by the University/College, you will have to pay the visa fee and SEVIS fee and thereafter book the visa appointment by completing the visa application form.

For the UK visa, our counsellor’s will use their expertise and guide you through the process. The visa you need to apply for is the Tier 4 – student visa. In order to acquire this visa you must qualify for the Tier 4 points-based system. According to the points-based system you need to secure 40 points to get the UK student visa. For Australian student visas, our counsellors will help you identify the type of visa you need apply based on the course you are planning to undertake. Here the student visas need to be applied for 12 weeks prior to the orientation at the institute.

To study in Canada you will need a study permit. This requires you submit several documents that includes the unconditional acceptance letter, passport, photographs, fee payment receipt, academic documents, relevant correspondence with University, medical reports, so on and so forth which we will provide adequate guidance to help you prepare your complete file and also review the same for you before submission.

For complete information on study abroad visas contact us at Wikati Education now!